Hi, my name is Komoot, the founder of Kinpenya.

I was born and raised in Thailand. Growing up, my family always loved to cook and eat Asian food together. Now, living in San Francisco Bay Area that has been my home since 1999, I still love to cook and eat Asian food…and more.

I grew up eating food freshly made from scratch as a child. But when modernization came, more and more we depended on “food-like” products, and less and less we cooked real food the way we used to.

In my young adult life, not cooking for myself much and relying on “food-like” products full of refined carb and sugar only made me crave for more, and I ended up constantly harming my body. Luckily, I’ve been blessed to have had a wake up call to true loving kindness, so I learned how to properly nourish myself with real food again. Finally, I made a commitment and was successfully able to give up sugar and grains, and I now happily eat low carb without cravings. And thanks to that loving kindness, the health conditions of chronic inflammation, digestive issues, eczema, candida, hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes), and insulin resistance that I had for decades have been healed in less than a year! Moreover, when I started to have perimenopausal symptoms, I learned that soy, especially the GMO and processed kind is not good for my hormones health, so, I gave up soy, too. And I’m glad I did because the symptoms were gone and I successfully prevented them from worsening. So, I’m now “hormone happy”, too!

Professionally, I started out designing restaurants because I love all things beautiful and everything food-related. But for the past 10 years, after pursuing my life-long dream of becoming a chef and graduating from Bauman College as a certified-natural chef, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to help others get well and healthy by cooking therapeutic meals as a personal chef for both individuals and families with different food allergies and different health conditions such as diabetes and cancer. And I love it!

My husband is half English half Irish and he loves Asian food too, so, half the times, we cook half European half Asian meals. Though we don’t have kids, we love kids and always feel inspired by the effort that all loving parents make to give their kids the best they can, especially when it comes to food choices.

I find it almost impossible to find no sugar and low carb items eating out or in stores, especially in my favorite Asian cuisines.

Even as a professional chef, I do need help in making nourishing meal cooking at home easy and time-saving for myself and my husband, too. And I believe that many of you would love the same help I do.

Therefore, the things I mentioned above are the reasons I’m mindfully crafting these sauces and putting them in jars.

And, I hope that they will be a good support for you in nourishing yourself and your loved ones.

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founder | holistic chef | health coach